Monday, January 23, 2012

What's up bloggers :) ?

Today is Monday, not willingly started a new week I think it is open.
Weather in Poland today was hopeless, cold, windy, snowy and rainy, all in one.
In the morning, in public transport bus was so crowded that it was hardly possible to enter! :)

And now, some information about Honda Civic I gene (real classic car) from

"The first generation Honda Civic was introduced in 1972, but sold as a 1973 model. It was Equipped with a 1.169cc (71.3 cu in) four-cylinder water-cooled engine and featured power front disc brakes, reclining bucket seats vinyl,simulated wood trim on the dashboard, as well as optional air conditioning and an AM / FM radio . The Civic wasavailable as a coupe, Both the three-and a five-door hatchback, as well as a five-door station wagon. Due to the1973 oil crisis, consumer demand for fuel efficient vehicles was high, and due to the engine being Able to run onLeaded or unleaded Either fuel, it gave drivers fuel choice flexibility over other vehicles. The CVCC enginedebuted in 1975 and had a head That design allowed for more efficient combustion, and as a benefit of the CVCCsystem did not require a catalytic converter or unleaded fuel to meet 1972 North American Emissions standards.The Civic was joined by a platform expansion of the three-door hatchback, Called the Honda Accord in 1976." -

what do you think about it car? Me and my girlfriend fell in love with him:)


  1. This makes me think of Pulp Fiction, the scene where Bruce Willis comes back from his visit to Zed, I think & she so innocently asks him . . . 'What Happened to my Honda?' Cute little car, cheers for the follow, returning now :)

  2. Very neat-o! It looks very nice :)

  3. that thing is so classic i almost couldn't tell it was a civic

  4. Looks practical, just the way I like it.

  5. Thanks so much for your lovely comment.
    I love this car,what a classic and super cool retro shape,boxy :D
    I can see why you both fell in love with it.
    Following your blog,hope your having a wonderful week x